GLOBAL LIBRAL PROJECTTE Ltd is a private limited companies incorporated under the laws of federal Republic of Nigeria. The company’s objective is to give value for money for all stakeholders in the process of the business. Relation to this principle is given in the following.


Our goal is to provide clients with the skills and Technology to bridge strategy, application development, Marketing and operations to achieve positive business outcomes in their Organizations.


We have build a capacity to offer a comprehensive Consultancy/training portfolio of  Business Analysis, Marketing, Project Engineering Management for industries, federal, state and local governments, initiate, design, construct, manage new projects and improve on the existing ones for competitive and profit maximization to our clients. We ASPIRE  to be one of the top players in the Oil and Gas industries. We build our carry on trust, efficiency and provide our customers with quality works and services that can stand the test of time. We shall be interested on local and international joint partnership that will aid the company to realize her dream.