GLOBAL LIBERAL GROUP is committed to maintaining high standards of behaviour in the conduct of its business. The Code of Conduct applies to all employees and guides all members of GLOBAL LIBERAL GROUP in their relations with clients, vendors, associates, partners, suppliers, governments, the pubic and our own employees.  All employees and stakeholders of GLOBAL LIBERAL GROUP are required to comply with the Code of Conduct.  Non-compliance can place a serious risk to the company or the individual, including damage to our reputation in the market place, fines and penalties, loss of certification and even criminal liabilities.


The Code of Conduct is built on the foundation of our Core Values of:

Commitment, Honesty, Ownership, Innovation, Community and Excellence.


For Employees, GLOBAL LIBERAL GROUP should:

-          Treat all employees with respect

-          Promote a work environment that is free of harassment, discrimination or bullying

-          Promote honesty and transparency

-          Protect each employees’ privacy

-          Allow each individual to reach his or her full potential at the workplace by providing an equal opportunity and diverse workplace

-          Provide the right training, tools and equipment to safeguard the employees’ health and safety

-          Provide training and education to allow for continuous employee growth and progression

-          Foster a spirit of team and community within the organization

-          Encourage employees to participate and contribute to the local community and to the profession through volunteer and sponsored



For Clients and Vendors, GLOBAL LIBERAL GROUP should:

-          Develop a partnership based on an open and honest relationship with clients and vendors

-          Strive to act in the best interest of our clients

-          Stay committed to the work till it is done

-          Deal with clients and vendors with integrity and professionalism, day in and day out

-          Avoid and resolve any conflicts of interest

-          Do not indulge in any actions that may be seen as bribery or other corrupt practices

-          Respect client confidentiality

-          Manage client and vendor relationships wherein both parties feel they are part of a win-win solution


For Community / Society / Industry, GLOBAL LIBERAL GROUP should:

-          Take actions to always make the health and safety of the public a top priority

-          Strive to have a positive impact on the community through actions

-          Abide by all applicable laws – municipal, provincial, federal, international, etc.

-          Compete in a fair manner and provide services for which the company is qualified and authorized

-          Represent the profession in a positive light at every opportunity

-          Contribute to the environment by developing sustainable solution


For GLOBAL LIBERAL GROUP, Employees should:

-          Protect company intellectual property and information

-          Respect and protect the company’s property and resources

-          Use the company’s assets to conduct company business

-          Ensure all reports and records are complete and accurate

-          Follow the policies and guidelines set out by Global Libral Group