We provides design of natural gas plants from the wellhead to the pipeline and biogas plants from the digester to the pipeline. This includes slug catchers, KO pots, Amine units, dehydration units, compression systems and sulfur recovery units, H2S monitoring systems, odorization systems and meter runs for custody transfer.

We have experience with various chemical and physical solvent such as amine units which utilize DEA and MDEA, Selexol units and dehydration units using TEG.

Complete purification of Biogas and natural gas is offered on a case by case review and typical components removed include hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, ammonia, water and other sulfur bearing chemical compounds.

Our extensive experience in the natural gas fields of Texas and off shore California allow us to translate this know-how into Biogas purification. We can also provide plant startup support, troubleshooting, training, second opinion reviews and revamp services to increase plant capacity. We specialize in natural gas engineering services