Engineering projects include:

FOR Industrial and domestic electro-mechanical, construction projects. We design, install and Maintain equipments such as

> Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) Cooking and Autogas

>Thermal Oil Boilers/Burners   

>Industrial Electric Heaters, Filters packs and lubricant plants

>Installation of Product Pumps and Electric Motors

>Electrical/Electronics/Instrument  Panels and Controls 

>Manual and Automatic Valves, Flow control Valves, Pressure Relief Valves (P.R.V)

> Instrument calibrations( valves, gauges, P.R.V, temperature controllers.

>Piping, heating coils in and outside tanks                                        

>Erection of Storage  Tanks         

>Lagging of Heating lines and tanks     

>Weighing Bridge installation and Calibrations

>Facility installation and management                                                              

>Storage Depot management and Marketing.

We have vast experience on: Electrical star/delta, direct on line and auto- forward and reverse starters, Electronic controllers(Digital/Analogy), Pressure relief/other safety valves, pressure and temperature gauges, sensors, monitors, design, installation,  calibrations and maintenance.

At OANDO Plc, Global Libral Projectte Ltd is one of the major vendors handling Oando terminals in Nigeria. Global Libral render services to Oando Marketing all over the country ranging from terminal upgrade to product marketing.

The group has installed and maintained LPG filling plants all over the country and currently installing 120,000 litres capacity plant from Veleet Global ltd Naze Owerri Imo state.

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